Amelia Warner hasn’t watched Fifty Shades movies

Amelia Warner

In a new revelation, Jamie Dornan has said his wife Amelia Warner hasn’t watched any of the Fifty Shades Of Grey films.

The revelation was made by Dornan on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he was responding to questions about the film. He said that she hasn’t watched the movies not because Jamie has sex scenes with actress Dakota Johnson, but rather because he didn’t want to pay for a ticket “for her to like… you know!”

Ellen then asked if it’s hard to come home around Valentine’s Day — which is when the films release — and see him like Christian Grey and “being that guy and you got to live up to that”.

Jamie replied, “I’d like to think she’s more in love with me than that guy. I know she hasn’t seen the movies or anything.”

Jamie also spoke about how while he’s in line at Starbucks, fans call him Mr. Grey while he’s “literally holding one of my children”. He said, “I don’t know how to respond to it because I’m not him.”


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