Fifty Shades’ new trailer: Dornan talks about upcoming movie


Fifty Shades Freed is the next in the Fifty Shades’ line up and actor Jamie Dornan was seen talking about the new movie’s trailer.

Dornan opened up about his James Bond moment, while shooting for the next Fifty Shades. He spoke about the scene where his character, Christian Grey, goes shirtless in blue shorts while walking out of the water on the beach in France, on The Graham Norton Show.

“That was horrendous.If they just tilt the camera down, that whole moment was awful,” he said, adding, “We had the beach, semi-sort of closed off, but actually there were loads of people that we didn’t have control over.

“They want me to be sexy coming out of the water. But it’s not a sand beach! It’s one of those wee pebble beaches. Literally, you cannot look cool running out of the water,” Jamie said as he demonstrated the difficulty he had walking out of the water.


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